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Official rules and regulations

            We are excited to announce a unique opportunity to our followers and supporters.  Through our multiple sponsors and affiliated brands, we are offering a great opportunity at some great prizes.  The official prize breakdown and packages are as follows:


The odds of winning one of the standard prizes are 1:20 (a combination of (10) Ramcat broadheads packages (est $40.00) ,(1) Gator box coolers (est $229.00) ,(2) NoseDownScents package (est $45.00, and (2) Trophy taker drop away rests will be given away (est $100.00).

The odds of winning the grand prize are 1:300 (The winners choice of a 3 day primitive weapon (Dec 28/29/30) or 4 day archery (Nov 28/29/30-Dec 1) hunt to our private farm in North Central Missouri guided and filmed by Freak Outdoors.  The cost of lodging and license will be included in the package.  The winner, will be allowed to harvest one legal deer of their choosing buck or doe.  The winner will have the option up to 30 days before the hunt to option out and take a prize package that will include (1 obsession bow of choice valued at $1,000, NoseDownScents package valued at $100, 1 dozen Easton arrows of choice valued at $150, and a package of Dead Down Wind scent control products valued at $50).  Once scheduled, if the hunter is unable to make the hunt, it will be at the discretion of Freak Outdoors to manage a fair package exchange with the winner.  The hunt will not be allowed to be swapped to another person.


Eligibility into the giveaway will be performed via free game piece included in the purchase of the each of the limited edition 300 quantity “Chasin Big Buck Deers 2019” patch bundles, which will include a decal and coozie (est value $50.00).  The package will be sold online at for $50.00 plus shipping.  The official game piece will be in the form of the hat.  There will be a corresponding number of hats for each eligible prize, significant to each prize.  There will be one hat alone that will be used to determine the grand prize winner.  All packages will ship the same day once all eligible packages and their corresponding game pieces have been sold.  This contest is only valid while supplies last.  Must be 18 years of age to be eligible for entry.  The contest will conclude October 1st 2019.  Multiple entries can be purchased.

Winner Announcement

            All 300 packages will be blindly packaged and sealed.  Shipping labels will then be printed and applied, and all orders shipped the same day. Orders containing additional items along with their Chasin’ Big Buck Deers bundle will be shipped seperately. The Chasin’ Big Buck Deers bundle is not eligible for free shipping and carries a $6 shipping & handling flat rate fee. As winners receive winning packages, they will be announced through social media as to what they won and who they are.  It will be the responsibility of the winner to reach out to Freak Outdoors to let their winning game pieces be known.

Winning Game Pieces and Prizes

Each Chasin’ Big Buck Deers Bundle will include Limited Edition items specific to the giveaway year. You will receive 1 of 300 made; Chasin’ Big Buck Deers Koozie, Decal, and FO ‘19 patches. Your hat game piece will determine whether you are a prize winner or not.

Game Piece Descriptions- Brown & Khaki: Sorry not a winner, Solid Loden: NoseDownScents winner, Moss & Khaki: Ramcat Broadheads winner, Rustic Orange & Khaki: Trophy Taker Drop Away Rest winner, Loden & Jaffa Orange: Gator Box Coolers winner, Realtree Original: Your Goin Huntin Grand Prize Hunt winner.

Each Winning game piece will be signed by both Matt & Dan to ensure authenticity. 

No purchase necessary.  Game piece can be acquired via mail plus cost of shipping.  The eligible pieces are subject to limited quantities while supplies last and all request must be mailed and postmarked after the giveaway start date of September 5th, 2019 to Freak Outdoors 3115 river ridge road Summit, MS 39666.  If the request is not received and processed prior to eligible pieces being distributed, the request will be void.