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2022 Annual Hunt Giveaway Winner: Josh W from Michigan

"I have followed and supported Freak Outdoors for several years and entered into the 2022 Chasin’ Big Buck Deers Annual Hunt Giveaway not really knowing what to expect. I received the winning hat and hunt for 2 people located at The Buckeye Whitetail Quest in Southern Ohio. It was a 3 day pre rut archery hunt that didn’t disappoint."

"Freak Outdoor's, Camp Newcomb, was the best guide and was extremely helpful! He helped out with finding the right spot for me to hunt and he even helped 

me purchase a correct kill tag. He also had a lot of knowledge about the area that he wasn’t afraid to share. I was able to hunt in a comfortable box blind or could bring my own lock-on tree stand and be portable.

As an avid deer hunter, I chose to bring a lock-on with me and use Camp’s advice and some of my own knowledge to get the job done. I was able to connect on a beautiful free range Ohio buck deer on my last day of the hunt, my very first out of state archery kill. Bret and the entire crew at The Buckeye Whitetail Quest was extremely helpful from sharing information to getting my deer cut up to across state lines."


"I will definitely be entering in the future giveaways as long as Matthew and everyone at the Freak Outdoors crew puts them on."

Josh W from Michigan

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